This document provides guidance on installing and configuring the OPC UA Component.
The OPC UA Component only works with Flow Mobile Clients (iOS/Android).


System and Version

IFS Applications
Novacura Flow Server
Novacura Flow Studio
Novacura Mobile Client (Android)
Novacura Mobile Client (iOS)
Database, REST Service, OPC UA Client

Flow Connectors

IFS Connector

If you do not have a connector set up, you can see an example here.

OPC UA Client Connector

You need a functioning connection to an OPC UA server using the OPC UA Client connector. If you do not have a connector set up, you can see an example here.

REST Connector - QuickChart

QuickChart is an open-source chart image API for generating chart images, PDFs, and QR Codes.
A REST Connector Project must be set up to utilize QuickChart.
Create a new REST Service Connector named "Quick Chart" and import the configuration file "QuickChart API.ncrcp." For more information see Import a REST Configuration.
  • Enter a Base Address of
Review QuickChart's Documentation for additional information on how to utilize this service.

Flow Properties

Before installing the workflows, it is required to create Global Flow Properties within Novacura Flow Studio.

Flow Text Properties

Flow Property
Example Value
IFS environment application owner (Schema).

Installation Steps

Make sure that you have created all connectors and Flow properties before importing the workflows.

1. Import Workflows

Import workflows in the file "OPC UA Component".
For additional details see Import Workflows.

2. Setting Menu Roles

Together with the imported workflows, there will also be a menu. Connect the menu to your roles to make them available for users.
For details see Setting Menu Roles

3. Publishing Workflows

Within the Server Contents Window right-click on the OPC UA folder and select “Publish”. This process can take a few minutes but once complete, a Publish Successful message will be displayed.
If you receive any errors during the publication of the workflow. Please review the error detail and consult your support contact with the relevant information.
For details see Publishing Workflows