Import Workflows


Importing workflows into Novacura Flow studio is a straightforward process as long as you have prepared your flow environment and meet the criteria for the specific workflows.

Workflows files can be delivered in the following formats

  1. ".WAP" is a compressed file format that can consist of folder structures, multiple workflows and Menus.

  2. ".FLOW" is a file consisting of a singular workflow application.


  • Setup the required connector for the application as described within the marketplace requirements. e.g. IFS10 Database connector.

  • Create the required Global Properties as instructed by the applications installation requirements.

  • Setup Roles and Users to access the application once imported.

Importing Workflows Process

Importing .Wap and .Flow Files

Within the Applications tab within Novacura Flow Studio, you will find the Server Contents panel.

  1. Right-click within your chosen folder or root of the server contents and select Import. The contents of the file will be imported within the directory chosen.

  2. Browse for the .wap or .flow file you wish to import.

Mapping Connectors

Next, you will be presented with a "Map Connectors" screen. This screen allows you to configure your imported workflow to work with a pre-existing connector.

Novacura Flow Studio will automatically try to choose the appropriate connector for you.

If you do not have a connector setup, please refer to our Connectors section for further assistance.

  1. Select the connector you would like the workflow to use.

  2. Press OK once all connectors are mapped.

Add Workflow to Menu

If you have imported a .wap file, this may already have imported a Menu. if so you can find out how to manage access to menus within the flow help file for Roles.

For information and guidance on adding workflows to workflow menus or creating new menus please refer to the Novacura Flow Help.

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