Configure IFS Apps 10 Connector


All of Novacura’s IFS10 marketplace apps require an IFS database connector unless otherwise specified. This process will guide you through the basics of configuring your first IFS Application 10 connector.

The same process can be used for IFS applications 9. However, support for IFS Applications 9 with our applications is not guaranteed.


It is an individual companies process that defines which method to authenticate with the IFS Database.

There are several authentication methods available, an example is listed below:

  • Global user

  • Global user with user-level impersonation

  • User-level database authentication

This guide will use the most basic global authentication practice. This is not recommended for production environments.

For further information on connector authentication options please contact your Novacura representative.

Connector Setup

Create New Connector

  1. Navigate to the Environment Tab within Novacura Flow Studio.

  2. Navigate to the Connectors Menu Option

  3. Click on the Add Button highlighted below.

Enter Connector Details

  1. Enter a connector Name for the ifs environment you wish to connect to, this name will be your reference within flow studio, an example would be "IFS Apps 10".

  2. Select IFS Applications 10 from the Type field list.

  3. Enter your IFS Applications extended server web address into the Database Server field. This is the same address used to access the enterprise explorer and arena. an example would be

  4. Enter any other authentication details as required.

  5. Press the Save button at the top right of the screen to save the connector configuration.

Example Configuration

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