Configure OPC UA Client Connector

The OPC UA Client connector can be used to connect and communicate with any OPC UA server in your workflow.

Connector Setup

Create New Connector

  1. Navigate to the Environment Tab within Novacura Flow Studio.

  2. Navigate to the Connectors Menu Option

  3. Click on the Add Button highlighted below.

Enter Connector Details

  1. Enter a connector Name for the OPC UA Client.

  2. Select OPC UA Client from the Type field list.

  3. Enter your OPC UA Server address. an example would be opc.tcp://

  4. Choose either Yes or No for the Use Security field. If you choose Yes you will need to enter additional information like Identity, Application and Default Session

  5. Press the Save button at the top right of the screen to save the connector configuration.

Example Configuration

Below is an example of an OPC UA Client setup connecting to a demo OPC UA Server hosted in opc.tcp:// To read more about the demo OPC UA server please refer Github.

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