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Worksite Field Reporting

All-in-one worksite field reporting solution covering major business functions in the Construction Industry collaboration with IFS Application 10.
This is a versatile suite of apps built to caters to a wide range of users like Crew Owners, Supervisors, and Crew Members enabling them to report, analyze, collaborate in real-time.
New features like clock in/clock out, Copying Day timesheets, Report with document attachments, user-friendly startup screens, and Colored Indicators will save a lot of user interaction time increasing the workforce efficiency.
  • Default Project - Select a default project at the start
  • Crew Management - Create/Modify/Delete multiple crews while assigning supervisors
  • Crew Time Report - Instant time reporting against crew/employees / Weekly view/ Copy from previous day timesheets
  • My Time Report - Self-reporting in the areas of Project Activities, Work Tasks, and Absences.