Import a REST Configuration
This document describes how to create a new REST Connector and import a configuration.

Create a New REST Connector and Import the Configuration

  • Navigate to Environment > Connectors
  • Select “Add” to add a new connector
  • Enter a name for the connector, in the example below “Azure Blob Storage” was used
  • Select Type of “REST Service”
  • Enter your base address for the service
  • Select “EDIT” to edit the Novacura REST Connector Project
  • Select “File” then “Import…”
  • Select the Novacura REST Connector Project file (.ncrcp extension) that was extracted in the zip file downloaded from the Novacura Marketplace.
  • Select “Replace current project” and “Import everything”
  • Select “Create/Update connector”
  • Select “Save” to save the REST Connector Configuration
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