Import Flow Properties

This guide will walk you through the process of importing variable and table properties into Novacura Flow 6.14 and above.


  • Importing properties is only available from Novacura Flow 6.14

  • Importing Properties will replace any existing properties with the same name identity


Property File

Property files downloaded from the Novacura Marketplace or from Export's from the Novacura Flow Studio will be in a JSON format.

Importing Properties

Importing properties replaces all values within existing identical property values.

No warning to the user will be given when performing this action.

Please consider and review the property file or documentation for the app before proceeding.

  1. Navigate to the Environment Tab within Novacura Flow Studio.

  2. Select Properties Sub Tab from the menu.

  3. Select the Import Button.

  4. Navigate to the Property File and select Open.

Importing User Properties

In case of User scope Table type properties, there are a few more additional steps that are needed to import all values for users.

  1. After imported the property on Properties screen, open users' Environment Properties

  2. Click Edit the Table property

  3. Click Import, select the csv file and open it

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