Set Up Azure Storage Account

Azure Blob Storage is Microsoft's object storage solution for the cloud. Blob storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data. Read more about this service at .

Create Storage Account

  • Search for Storage Account

  • Select “Create”

  • Select Subscription, Resource group, Storage account name, Region, Performance, and Redundancy, then click on “Review + create”

  • Once Validation has Passed, click “Create”

Create Shared Access Signature

  1. Once the Storage Account is deployed, Navigate to “Shared access signature”

  2. Allowed services: Select the services needed for your workflow e.g., Blob and Table

  3. Allowed resource types: Service, Container, Object

  4. Allowed permissions: Read, Write, Delete, List, Add, Create

  5. Blob versioning permissions: Enable deletion of versions

  6. Allowed blob index permissions: Read/Write, Filter

Provide a date range, use HTTPS only protocol with Basic (default) routing tier, then click “Generate SAS and connection string”.

Flow REST connector information

Note down the values that are needed to set up Azure Storage REST Connector in Flow Studio.

Endpoints: Blob storage: https://<your-instance-name> Table storage: https://<your-instance-name>

Shared Access Signature: Copy the SAS token to a text editor and split it like this:

# Shared Access Signature


The signature (sig) is URL encoded and needs to be decoded for use in Flow

# URL decoded signature (sig)

All parameters in the Shared Access Signature should be added to the REST connector configuration in Flow Studio

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