Import Application Configuration Packages


Before installing the workflows, it is required to import the Application Configuration Package into your IFS instance.

  • Log into your IFS APP 10 instance as Administrator.

  • Navigate to the Application Configuration Packages window and click Import.

  • Click Open File and select the file Configuration Package .xml file included in your application zip file. Click Open.

  • You will be presented with a screen like below. Click the Import button in the bottom left corner. Upon successful completion of the import, you can choose to view logs by selecting View Log in the resulting information dialog. The logs will show the details of the configuration and whether the import was successful or not.

  • Go back to the Application Configuration Packages window and search for the newly imported application configuration package.

  • Publish the Application Configuration Package.

To read more on administrating Custom Fields please refer to the IFS documentation:

/ifsdoc/f1doc/Foundation1/ 040_administration/220_user_interface/ 020_custom_objects/015_manage_cust_objects/default.htm

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